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Your Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms Matter


With the move towards only meeting when absolutely necessary, we are focusing on making those meetings you do have, matter. Inner City | Ideas Cartel on the Third Floor of Cartel House is our proud partner in providing exceptional boardrooms and meeting spaces in Cape Town. Presentation is key, therefore our boardrooms provide not [...]

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A Hero Tailor’s Tale: Our Custom Tailor & Alterations Expert


Come meet Master Tailor Sajid, a different kind of member in our coworking space and community. Orphaned in the early years of his life, Sajid was raised by five different tailors in Pakistan, each specialising in a specific aspect of tailoring and alterations. Unschooled and barely able to write, Sajid went about his craft in [...]

A Hero Tailor’s Tale: Our Custom Tailor & Alterations Expert2017-12-07T11:59:15+00:00

Born from a Coworking Space


In today’s shared economy where almost anything is lettable on demand, we are looking towards the future with a keen focus on delivering sensational service. What started with Inner City | Ideas Cartel as seriously serviced offices and privately curated coworking spaces has grown into a lifestyle offering where you can meet, eat, work, [...]

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