"Sajid’s story is a testament to what one can achieve through any amount of adversity"

A Hero Tailor’s Tale: Our Custom Tailor & Alterations Expert

Come meet Master Tailor Sajid, a different kind of member in our coworking space and community. Orphaned in the early years of his life, Sajid was raised by five different tailors in Pakistan, each specialising in a specific aspect of tailoring and alterations. Unschooled and barely able to write, Sajid went about his craft in Pakistan until the political scene became too much for him to handle and he made his way to Cape Town.

After a prolonged, frustrating set of stitching in and around the city, Sajid, by chance, met a member of our team at Blackwood Brothers. As the gent watched Sajid cut a suit using nothing but a tailor’s soap and a heavy looking pair of old school scissors, he realised there was something special about the smiling man. The discussions to join our sister company Lock Stock & Barrel – Tailors & Purveyors of fine apparel, began immediately.

The coworking members and those who have serviced offices at Inner City | Ideas Cartel have embraced his offering and helped him open up a store on the mezzanine level of Cartel House 113 Loop Street. Along with Nicolette Basson, the two have formed a powerful team, supplying anything from pocket squares and boardshorts to hand cut suits and coats.

Sajid’s story is a testament to what one can achieve through any amount of adversity. Whilst we have spared the more harrowing details of his story, we encourage you to stop past whenever you may need a button replaced, a hem stitched or a large dose of inspiration.

As a Cartel House member you receive discounted pricing on tailored garments and the added benefit of having the house tailor just downstairs. You will never have to go that meeting with a tear in your outfit ever again.

At Your Service.

Have a look at some of Sajid and Nicolette’s work with LSB to date:

For enquiries please contact tailor@cartelhouse.com