Cartel House Cape Town is a lifestyle & culture club in the heart of the city.

Born from a Coworking Space

In today’s shared economy where almost anything is lettable on demand, we are looking towards the future with a keen focus on delivering sensational service.

What started with Inner City | Ideas Cartel as seriously serviced offices and privately curated coworking spaces has grown into a lifestyle offering where you can meet, eat, work, work out, sleep and play at Cartel House 113 Loop Street Cape Town. A very long story short, with many CI consultants, brand strategists and entrepreneurial enthusiasts…this is who we are and how we work:

Inner City | Ideas Cartel = Seriously Serviced Office Space & Coworking.
Cartel House | Cape Town = Lifestyle & Culture Club in the heart of the city.

Members Only, You’re Invited.

At our core we look to provide exceptional everyday experiences at any time of the day. We have partnered with our members to provide everything from hair cuts to hotel rooms. Its a big task.

To create this self sustaining shared economy we needed to rely on technology. So we did what everyone is trying to do – We built an app. The app allows you to structure a monthly membership or a pay as you go membership where you only pay for what you use.

Interested? Download here.

As a provider of these exceptional everyday experiences we are proud to announce that the rooftop pool will be launched when the rain comes, but before that we are committing to going green and recycling wherever we can.

We are still growing, all feedback is welcome, collaborators too.

At your service,