The formula was simple yet effective. Almost like business speed dating.

Coworking at Cartel House

Sometimes all you need is a little help from a friend to be. We spoke to Dean Page from Matt Advertising about the recent mixer they initiated at Cartel House hosted by Startup Bootcamp.

Here at Matt Advertising our focus and passion is brand building. My role at Matt Advertising is to build new business relationships and improve existing relationships, ensuring that our agency is constantly adapting, evolving and growing. At Cartel House, I realized we are sitting in a treasure chest of new opportunities and possibilities for future businesses and relationships. After all, that’s what coworking is all about, right? That’s when the idea dawned on me, I need to connect with as well as connect the people/businesses in the building with each other. After chats with Schuyler, the Inner City Ideas Cartel head honcho, who was already chatting to Philip – the big boss from Startup Bootcamp, together we birthed the idea of a social gathering in order to grow the community at Cartel House and forge relationships between members and businesses alike.

The formula was simple yet effective. Almost like business speed dating. Each company had 3 – 4 minutes to present an effective elevator pitch describing who they are and what they do. Once everyone had done their presentation, we all moved downstairs to the bar and enjoyed whiskey cocktails, a variety of wine and array of delicious cheeses.

It was at this point that everyone really got the chance to chat and get to know one another. A start of some great relationships both business wise and friendship wise. I really look forward to the next one being even bigger and better!

– Dean

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