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We have multiple locations and refer them as IC i | 71 Waterkant Street, IC ii | 113 Loop Street and IC iii | The Old Foundry. There is a lounge or a bar for you at each location.

What’s the difference between a coworking membership and a Cartel House Membership?2018-10-03T08:50:48+00:00
A Cartel House Membership is a limited membership for founders of exceptional businesses. Cartel House members have their own lounges in each of our locations as well as access to our events and spaces for free. On the gym side of the membership, there is a weekly workout for founders at our Foundry gym.
Boardrooms are the only billable items of which you get a 50% discount.
What is the difference between a Cartel House Membership and an Ideas Cartel Membership?2018-09-11T18:33:16+00:00
The Cartel House Membership is reserved for Founders, Funders and Freethinkers with a proven track record. It grants access to all Ideas Cartel locations, but above that has its own lounges, pools, events and community.
Can I get a tour?2018-09-11T18:39:27+00:00
We’d love to meet you over a cup of coffee. Reach out to us at innercity@ideascartel.com and we’ll show you around.
How do I have access to the building?2018-09-11T18:40:15+00:00
Much like our team, our buildings are unique too. 113 Loop Street and 71 Waterkant Str has a 24-hour concierge desk, please check in at the concierge desk. 16 Ebenezer Road has biometric access so you’re able to pop in and out when it’s convenient to you.
What coworking access do I have?2018-09-11T18:43:26+00:00
You’ll have 4-hour daily access to our co-working spaces to check emails, make calls, social with our friendly baristas and enjoy great coffee. Book boardrooms and other facilities via the Cartel House App.
Do I have access to internet?2018-09-11T18:41:01+00:00
You do! 24/7/365. You’re welcome.
Are there more locations I can roam to?2018-09-11T18:38:39+00:00
You’re spoilt for choice. 113 Loop Street, 71 Waterkant Str or 16 Ebenzer Road.
What are the opening hours?2018-09-11T18:37:47+00:00
Our buildings are accessible 24 hours a day; however, community managers and baristas are available from 08h00 until 16h00 Monday through Friday.
Can I bring over clients or guests?2018-09-11T18:36:59+00:00
Most certainly. You’re welcome to host your client in one of the communal lounges or in a booked boardroom. Here’s an opportunity to show them how to order a coffee off the Cartel House app.
Do you have private meeting rooms?2018-09-11T18:36:01+00:00
We do and you’re welcome to make use of them. Book your private meeting room or phonebooth via the Cartel House App. Easy as that!
What if I want to cancel my membership?2017-06-30T11:11:42+00:00
Our cancellation policy requires 1 months written notice. Example: If a member wants to move out on July 31st, they must give notice to cartel house on June 30th.
What are your operating hours?2017-06-30T11:11:42+00:00
The Cartel House team is onsite at each location between 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However for any urgent matters, you may request urgent service through our mobile app. Both locations have 24 hour access.
Can I pop in or should I book for a tour?2017-06-30T11:11:42+00:00
Pop in within our operating hours and our sales team will give you a grand tour of our workspace. Give us a call at +27 21 824 1782 or email us at innercity@ideascartel.com to schedule a grand tour!
What are my payment options?2017-06-30T11:11:42+00:00
Payment options include banking via EFT and credit card. Both locations also have credit card merchant facilities. Contact us at +27 21 824 1782 or innercity@ideascartel.com for more details.
Are there any limitations in booking the boardroom?2017-06-30T11:11:43+00:00
All members have access to the boardroom facilities. Please note the boardrooms will also be hired out on occasion to the public, therefore make sure to book in advance. Usage of boardrooms for more than 4 hours are to communicate with their community manager.
Where do I park my car?2017-10-27T08:49:45+00:00
Finding parking can be a problem in Cape Town. Each member is offered a range of parking options starting at R1 600.00 excluding vat per month. Alternatively, streetside parking is available.